Do Internet Monitoring Software programs really work?

internet monitoring softwareI was asked this question the other day by a friend.  They were concerned if their child was being cyberbullied online.  How do you know I asked?  Because they are acting funny they said.

Well I did some research and looked at software that is supposed to make our parenting lives easier.  One such software I found is called PC Tattletale.  PC Tattletale is a child internet monitoring software for parents to see what their kids are doing on the computer and internet.  Sounds pretty cool hey?

well it gets even better so read on.  This internet monitoring software is cool because it lets you see everything your kids are doing online in a simple DVR style format.  Just hit play and you can see everything they did in the exact order they did it. Nice.

But don’t take my word for it.  Watch PC Tattletale in action.  Here is a good YouTube video called PC Surveillance and internet monitoring Software PC Tattletale You can watch the video here:

Now one thing to keep in mind is that PC Tattletale Internet monitoring software is 100% undetectable.  Your kids will have no idea that you (as a parent) have put this on their computer.  It lets you have constructive conversations with you kids.  They do not need to know you are able to watch their every move.  PC Tattletale makes it super easy to do.

Every good parent should have this kind of internet monitoring software on their home computer.  The internet can be a nasty dangerous place these days.  Get some good parental internet monitoring software like PC Tattletale and your life will be a lot easier.

Cyberbullying is a very big deal online.  1 in 4 kids experience it so it is likely that you child will at some point.  We have all heard of kids getting bullied this way so make sure you know about it and are able to step in and DO something about it.  OK?  Get some software like PC Tattletale to help you out.